Make Windows 7 Start Menu search faster

Windows 7 Start Menu search

Normally on a new Windows 7 installation start menu search works instantly, but with time it's getting slower and slower. This is because start menu searches not only for programs, but also for documents in your libraries, emails, Internet history, etc.

If you only use start menu search to find and launch applications you can massively improve search speed making start menu only search for applications and items such as control panel options rather that all these additional items which you never want.

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Make window stay always on top

Some applications add addition button to make window stay always on top not allowing other open windows to cover it.
This useful feature can be added to almost any application windows via third party tools. One of them is freeware FileBox eXtender. You can download it from here or directly from developer's site.

FileBox eXtender buttons

This utility adds a little pin icon to all windows. Clicking it makes window to stay always on top. There are some other useful features as well such as roll roll-up window and favorite folders.

FileBox eXtender Settings

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Reinstall Internet Explorer 9 in Windows 7

Internet Explorer 9

If you having issues with Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7 and simply resetting browser settings doesn't fix the problem, it's worth trying to re-install IE.

Uninstall IE 9

  • Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features > View installed updates
  • In section "Microsoft Windows" find "Windows Internet Explorer 9" > right click > Uninstall
  • Restart Computer
  • You will now have Internet Explorer 8

Re-install IE 9

  • Download Internet Explorer 9 from Microsoft
  • Install
  • Restart Computer

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