Stop Google Chrome from opening files after download

When you download any file with Google Chrome and click on a little arrow down, one of the options is "Always open files of this type". If you select this option, all files of that type will be automatically opened immediately after downloading.

Google Chrome - Always open files of this type

It may not be immediately obvious how to reverse this option and stop files opening automatically after downloading.

Acer XC600 - how to boot from CD

Acer XC600

Even if you select CD/DVD drive as your first boot device, Acer XC600 will simply ignore this and boot from the internal hard drive. To boot from CD or USB drive on Acer XC600 and similar Windows 8 machines you need to make 2 additional changes in BIOS.


Where is Work Offline button in Windows 8

In Windows 7, if you are in a folder that was made available offline, you can always see Work offline button on the top toolbar. This allows to force working offline even when you are connected to the server. Very useful if connection is slow or unstable.

Work offline button in Windows 7

Similarly, if you are working offline, the above button changes to Work online and allows you to go back to an online mode.

Change network from public to private in Windows 8

Help protect your PC with Windows Firewall

When you first connect to a new network, Windows 8 prompts what type of network it is. If you later want to change this connection from Public to Private (or other way around) perform following steps:


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