Disable Dynamic Search and Zoom on Logitech MX 3200

Logitech MX 3200

Logitech MX 3200 keyboard has Dynamic Search & Zoom which I find completely useless and even annoying as it's easy enough to hit it accidentally.

Luckily it only takes a second to disable it. Simply press FN + Close (Close in a button with X symbol next the Dynamic search and zoom). You will hear a beep and Dynamic Zoom will be disabled.

To re-enable press FN + Doc Flip.

Close and Doc Flip buttons are located on the left hand side of the keyboard next to dynamic zoom slider.

Rename Windows 8 start screen shortcuts

You can easily create shortcuts to classic desktop applications on Windows 8 Start Screen (this is called "Pin to Start" in Windows 8).
It may not be immediately obvious how to rename these shortcuts / tiles once they are on your Start Screen.

  1. Select (right click) on the tile you want to rename.
    Windows 8 tile
  2. Click on "Open File Location"
    Windows 8 open file location
  3. This will open your shortcut in Windows Explorer.
    Windows 8 Start folder
  4. Simply rename it there and this will change the name which appears on the start screen.
    Windows 8 tile

Microsoft Office 2013 - Change Fahrenheit to Celsius

Microsoft Office 2013 includes a little weather widget in calendar view which shows current temperature for your chosen location.

Microsoft Office 2013 weather widget

By default temperatures are displayed in Fahrenheit. To change it to Celsius:

File > Options > Calendar
Scroll down to the very bottom where you will find an option to change it:

Microsoft Office 2013 weather options

Add Run command button to Start Menu in Windows 7

By default Run... command button is not present in Windows 7 Start menu.

Windows 7 Start menu

To add it back perform following :

  • Right click on Start Button > Properties
  • In Taskbar and Start Menu Properties click Customize
    Taskbar and Start Menu Properties
  • Scroll down and select Run Command
    Customize Start Menu > Run Command
  • Save opened dialog boxes by clicking OK
  • Welcome back good old Run… button
    Start Menu with Run...


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