How to move application window that is off screen

While using MS Windows, you can occasionally encounter situation where an application window is completely or partially off-screen and there is no obvious way to move it back to where it should be. This is especially common when dealing with multiple monitors or switching between remote desktop and local sessions.

Batch rename multiple files at once in Windows

Windows File Explorer has some (very limited) capacity to batch rename files. Simply select multiple files, right click on the first one and click Rename. All files will be renamed to your entered string, adding incremental numbers at the end.

Batch renaming in File Explorer

If you need more flexibility you should look into third party software. There are number of free and paid tools available that can batch rename files.

Windows 10 Preview Cortana - I'm afraid I'm not available to help in your region

If you live outside the US and installed Windows 10 Technical Preview, you may be disappointed when Microsoft's new virtual assistant Cortana greets you with following message:

i'm afraid I'm not available to help in your region

I'm afraid I'm not available to help in your region.

Hopefully Cortana will be supported in a variety of regions and languages on release, but as of now it only works in the US. Since it's pre-release version of Windows we can't really complain about this too much... Still, if you want to try Cortana outside of the US, you can do this by changing your region and language settings.


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