Open VPN GUI (Windows) - VPN connected but data transfer fails

Open VPN


Open VPN GUI client connects to the Open VPN server, the user can successfully open server shares and browse folders but trying to open or transfer any file fails (connection times out). No errors or warnings were present in OpenVPN logs. The issue was only affecting one particular user and only when he was working from his home office. The same user with the same laptop could use the same VPN connection from other locations with no issues. My first thought was that it was the ISP interfering with some sort of Deep Packet Inspection firewall but that didn't appear to be the case.

Sort Windows 10 VPN list alphabetically

Windows 10 VPN list

Windows 10 VPN connection are listed in order how they were added which can get quite disorganised with a large number of VPN connections. This affects VPN connection list found in Settings > Network & Internet > VPN and one shown after clicking the Network icon in the Windows taskbar.

Paste Options button doesn't work in MS Word and Outlook


Paste Options button in MS Office

Paste Options feature doesn't work on Microsoft Office (Word and Outlook). Enabling or disabling the feature in Word Options (Advanced > Cut, copy, and paste > Show Paste Options button when content is pasted) doesn't make any difference.

MS Office Cut, copy, and paste options

Outlook Google Calendar sync error: cannot parse the property 'TRIGGER'


Google Calendar added to Outlook as a Read-Only iCal Internet Calendar produces below sync warnings.

Task "Internet Calendar Subscriptions" reported error

Task "Internet Calendar Subscriptions" reported error (0x0004002B) : Outlook cannot parse the property 'TRIGGER', near line 308. The property is being ignored.


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