Windows 10 can't obtain IP address over DHCP


Windows 10 Pro PC cannot get IP address from Draytek Vigor router DHCP server (over Wi-Fi). Other devices on the network were not affected so it wasn't a DHCP server issue. The PC could connect with no issues with a static IP, so Wi-Fi connection also didn't seem to be an issue.

Text missing and ATT0000X attachments in emails forwarded from Apple Mail


Microsoft Outlook doesn't display emails forwarded by Apple Mail users correctly. The top part of the email (that was typed by the forwarding party) looks fine. But everything after the signature of the forwarder is missing. There are number of attachments, however, only one of them was in the original forwarded message. Others are images from the signature and bunch of html attachments in format: ATT0000X.htm (or ATT0000X.txt in the case of plain text). One of these (i.e. ATT00001.htm) actually contains missing text that was supposed to appear after the signature.

Setup Ethernet connection as metered in Windows 10

Windows 8 and Windows 10 allow to mark Wi-Fi networks as metered in Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Advanced Options. There is no GUI option to do the same for Ethernet / LAN connection. Luckily the same result can be achieved by a small registry change.


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