Windows XP mode prompts for XPMUser password


Windows XP Mode VM running inside Windows 7 Pro laptop started prompting for XPMUser account password. This is the default XP Mode Virtual Machine account that is configured during initial XP Mode setup. User didn't know what the password was.

Event ID 17: WHEA-Logger - A corrected hardware error has occurred.


Windows 10 on Dell Latitude laptop logs following warnings in Systems Logs every few seconds:

Log name: System
Source: WHEA-Logger
Event ID: 17
A corrected hardware error has occurred.
Component: PCI Express Root Port
Error Source: Advanced Error Reporting (PCI Express)

Disable "Could not reconnect all network drives" message


Every time Windows 10 laptop boots while not connected to the office network a warning pop-up is displayed.

Could not reconnect all network drives.
Click here to check the status of your network drives.
Windows Explorer


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