Offline files - Restore offline files

Offline Files is a useful Windows feature which allows to make network files available offline.
On a local system offline files by default are stored in a hidden folder: C:\WINDOWS\CSC They are stored in a proprietary compressed format and can't be accessed directly. If for whatever reason you need to extract offline files from CSC folder (system crashed, user left the company, etc), follow instructions below:

  1. Download and extract CSCCMD.EXE 1.1
  2. Copy C:\Windows\CSC directory from the old computer to the same location on the new computer (make sure OS and Service Pack versions are the same).
  3. On the new PC create a new directory C:\Restore
  4. Execute:
    csccmd /enable
    csccmd /extract /target:C:\Restore /recurse

If csccmd /enable fails you may have offline files functionality disabled by group policy.

Windows XP

Offline files - force offline mode

1. Download and extract CSCCMD.EXE 1.1
2. Create "Work Offline.bat" file with command csccmd.exe /DISCONNECT:\\servername\servershare
3. Place "csccmd.exe" and "Work Offline.bat" in the same folder on user's PC
4. Create shortcut to "Work Offline.bat" on user's desktop

Useful if user often works remotely over VPN and experience slow access to a remote share e.g. home folder.

Windows XP

Clear cached credentials

Local cached credentials

Start > Run > control userpasswords2 > Advanced > Manage Passwords


Start > Run > rundll32.exe keymgr.dll, KRShowKeyMgr

Domain credentials

Start > Run > Regedit
By default only SYSTEM account has full access to this directory.
Add administrator to SECURITY key permissions
Start Regedit as SYSTEM account
Set values NL$1 through NL$10 to 0 (zero)
IMPORTANT: If you delete values NL$1 through NL$10 completely, Windows will stop caching domain credentials!

Windows XP

Run .msi as administrator

runas /user:domain\administrator "msiexec /i C:\application.msi"

Windows XP