Clear cached credentials

Local cached credentials

Start > Run > control userpasswords2 > Advanced > Manage Passwords


Start > Run > rundll32.exe keymgr.dll, KRShowKeyMgr

Domain credentials

Start > Run > Regedit
By default only SYSTEM account has full access to this directory.
Add administrator to SECURITY key permissions
Start Regedit as SYSTEM account
Set values NL$1 through NL$10 to 0 (zero)
IMPORTANT: If you delete values NL$1 through NL$10 completely, Windows will stop caching domain credentials!

Windows XP

Run .msi as administrator

runas /user:domain\administrator "msiexec /i C:\application.msi"

Windows XP

Run cmd.exe process as System Account in Windows XP

  1. Start > Run > CMD
  2. at 11:20 /interactive "cmd.exe"

You must have administrator permissions.
Set time 1-2 minutes from now.
At specified time cmd.exe (or any other application) will start with SYSTEM permissions.

To view all tasks

To delete all tasks
at /delete

This only works in Windows XP, for Windows Vista and Windows 7 check this article.


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