MS Outlook doesn't save custom emails in "From" field


Custom email addresses entered into Outlook New Email From: field are not saved as expected. The email is successfully sent using the custom From address, but the user has to enter it manually every time.

Sent emails saved twice in Exchange Shared Mailbox Sent Items


Office 365 Exchange user has full access to a shared mailbox that is auto-mapped to their Outlook. The Shared mailbox has "Sent Items: Copied to Mailbox" option enabled, which should normally save a copy of sent emails to user's Sent Items, and also to the Shared Mailbox Sent Items.

Sent Items: Copied to Mailbox

This, however, doesn't work as expected and all emails sent as Shared Mailbox are saved twice into Shared Mailbox Sent Items and not saved at all in the user's Sent Items. This seems to be PC/Outlook related and does not happen in Webmail, to other users, or even to the affected user on another PC.

Exchange Shared Mailbox subfolders not visible


A shared mailbox attached to a user's Microsoft Office 365 Exchange account does not display any subfolders in Outlook. This wasn't a permission issue as the same shared mailbox displayed subfolders correctly for other users, and even for the same user in Outlook on a different PC. Office 365 webmail also displays all subfolders correctly. Repairing and updating MS Office 365 didn't fix the issue.

Vegas Movie Studio - Preview screen black


Editing QuickTime .mov files taken with iPhone XR using Vegas Movie Studio (Platinum). Suddenly preview screen turns black. Audio still plays fine, but no preview video is visible. Restarting the application and rebooting the computer doesn't help.

Vegas Movie Studio Preview Screen


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