Sent emails saved twice in Exchange Shared Mailbox Sent Items


Office 365 Exchange user has full access to a shared mailbox that is auto-mapped to their Outlook. The Shared mailbox has "Sent Items: Copied to Mailbox" option enabled, which should normally save a copy of sent emails to user's Sent Items, and also to the Shared Mailbox Sent Items.

Sent Items: Copied to Mailbox

This, however, doesn't work as expected and all emails sent as Shared Mailbox are saved twice into Shared Mailbox Sent Items and not saved at all in the user's Sent Items. This seems to be PC/Outlook related and does not happen in Webmail, to other users, or even to the affected user on another PC.

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Exchange Shared Mailbox subfolders not visible


A shared mailbox attached to a user's Microsoft Office 365 Exchange account does not display any subfolders in Outlook. This wasn't a permission issue as the same shared mailbox displayed subfolders correctly for other users, and even for the same user in Outlook on a different PC. Office 365 webmail also displays all subfolders correctly. Repairing and updating MS Office 365 didn't fix the issue.

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Vegas Movie Studio - Preview screen black


Editing QuickTime .mov files taken with iPhone XR using Vegas Movie Studio (Platinum). Suddenly preview screen turns black. Audio still plays fine, but no preview video is visible. Restarting the application and rebooting the computer doesn't help.

Vegas Movie Studio Preview Screen

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Force remove Microsoft Office 2010


A very old and slow HP Windows 7 laptop with MS Office 365 and MS Office 2010 installed. Office 2010 is interfering with some Outlook 365 plugins that user requires so needs to be removed. Normal uninstall fails with error 1402 (in French) about permission issues on some registry entries.

0968 force remove microsoft office 2010 1

Initially, I tried to resolve the issue by fixing permissions for the offending registry keys and re-running the uninstaller. Every time it would go a bit further and fail on different registry keys. Because of the slowness of the PC in question, every attempt to uninstall and then roll back the changes was taking at least 30 minutes so it wasn't a practical solution.


I started looking into ways to force-remove MS Office 2010. There seem to have been some tools available on Microsoft support sites, but they were all now linking to non existing pages... After a bit more Google-fu I came across this page, where the author was sharing a VBScript received from Microsoft support rep that manually removes Office 2010 (2007 version is also available). I had to run it from an elevated command prompt and it did the job beautifully. The whole process took an hour or so on this dreadful machine, but you don't have to sit and watch - after answering a single question at the very beginning, the rest of the process runs fully unattended.

Office 2010 Removal Utility

Just in case the original page becomes unavailable, you can download the scripts from here.

Windows 7 SP1
Microsoft Office 2010