Lenovo Ideapad 520S looses second screen capability


Lenovo Ideapad 520S-14IKB regularly loses the second screen capability. An external monitor doesn't display anything, and Windows does not detect the second screen at all. This laptop has two display adapters: Intel HD Graphics 620 and Nvidia GeForce 940MX. The laptop BIOS automatically determines when and for which applications to use the more powerful (and more power-hungry) NVIDIA adapter.

Lenovo Ideapad Display Adapters

Delete large folders in Windows faster

Deleting large folders with multiple thousands of files using Windows Explorer can take a very long time.

Command prompt usually provides faster results, but depending on what command(s) were used it can still take quite a long time. After some experimenting, I found that the following way is the fastest one:

  • Open command prompt (cmd.exe) and navigate to the folder in question.
  • Run the following two commands:
    • DEL /F/Q/S folder_to_delete > nul
      Deletes all files
    • RMDIR /Q/S folder_to_delete
      Deletes remaining folder structure.


Sage 50 Payroll - change database path


Sage 50 Payroll data files have been moved to another server and we need to point the application to the new location. Sage Payroll doesn't provide any obvious way to do this. There is no way to open a new company or close an old one via the Open Company dialog.

Sage 50 Payroll - Open Company

The Browse button doesn't help either. Trying to open the moved database throws an error about locked database file (which was not the case).


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