Windows 10 - speakers, microphone, and camera stopped working


Speakers, microphone, and the camera suddenly stopped working in all apps on Acer Swift laptop running Windows 10 Home. Devices also not seen by Windows built-in apps and settings, but present in Device Manager.
Reinstalling devices in device manager doesn’t help. Windows Privacy settings is not an issue. Rebooting laptop doesn’t help either.

Windows Audio troubleshooter reports that audio service is not running.

Windows 10 audio troubleshooter

The Spotify program file has become damaged. Maybe it has been infected by a virus


Trying to run Spotify on Windows 10 desktop produces following error:

The spotify program file has become damaged

The Spotify program file has become damaged. Maybe it has been infected by a virus.
Please download Spotify again from

Trying to uninstall Spotify produces the same error. 


The issue seems to have been caused by a pending Spotify update combined by Windows 10 pending restart after installing some Windows updates. After computer reboot, Spotify quickly updated itself and launched without any issues.

January 2019
Windows 10 (1809)


Google Picasa 3 maps module no longer works (object error)


Places sidebar stopped working in Google Picasa 3. Following error is displayed instead of a map:

Google Picasa 3 maps module error

[object Error]
You are using a browser that is not supported by the Google Maps JavaScript API. Consider changing your browser.


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