Private emails sent to Office 365 shared mailbox not visible in Outlook


Emails marked by a sender as Private and sent to Office 365 Shared Mailbox are not visible in Outlook for users with Full Access permissions. The only indication about these emails is increasing unread item count in the shared mailbox Inbox folder.

HMRC Basic PAYE Tools could not access the database


HMRC Basic PAYE Tools application fails to start with the following error:

Basic PAYE Tools could not access the database

Basic PAYE Tools could not access the database
An error has occurred in accessing the database during startup.

You may need to check whether you have permissions to access the following location on this computer:
For assistance, please contact your IT support person, or your computer manufacturer.

Clipboard sharing doesn't work in Windows 10 Remote Desktop modern app

It's an ongoing temperamental issue - occasionally clipboard sharing stops working in Windows 10 Remote Desktop app. When this happens, I usually can fix this by killing and restarting rdpclip.exe process on the remote computer.


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