Can't install Office 365 because of Single Image 2010 leftovers


Microsoft Office 365 (Windows 64bit version) installation fails with error: Couldn't Install Office.

Couldn't install Office

Couldn't install Office
This installation is for the 64-bit version of Office, but the following 32-bit Office applications are already installed on this computer:
Microsoft Office Single Image 2010
Want to install 32-bit Office, which will work with your 32-bit applications? Select "Install 32-bit". If you want the 64-bit version, select "Cancel", uninstall your 32-bit Office applications, and start this 64-bit installation again.

The error is pretty self-explanatory. The problem is that Microsoft Office Single Image 2010 is nowhere to be found on the computer.

HP Envy 5000 and Bitdefender Firewall don't play together

HP Envy 5000

I had an unwritten rule from a long time ago to never bother with third-party software firewalls and only stick with built-in Windows Firewall. In my experience, third-party firewalls (that come with endpoint security packages) never play nicely on business networks. Recently, I broke that rule while deploying Bitdefender endpoint security solution for a small business. I left the firewall enabled during testing and it didn't seem to cause any issues. I thought, well maybe it's time to throw away my unwritten rule and embrace Bitdefender firewall.

That came to bite me a few weeks later. One of the home users rang complaining that he could no longer print to his HP Envy 5000 printer. Scanning worked fine, but Windows was showing the printer as offline. Quick network check didn't indicate any issues. The printer was online, on its usual IP address, even HP printer utility was showing the printer as online with correct remaining ink status and settings accessible as usual.

Microsoft Teams login issues

Now and then Microsoft Teams freaks out and refused to login with correct username and password. It can happen during the first login, or after a user has been signed in and working in Teams for quite some time. It normally goes into a loop asking to log in again and again with below or similar error message.

Microsoft Teams login error 
We're sorry - we've run into an issue
Try again
If that doesn't work, try signing out and back in.

Secure wipe hard drive from Windows 10 installation media

Acer W510

I had an old Acer all-in-one with integrated 64GB flash drive that I needed to wipe and dispose of. I normally would use Darik's Boot and Nuke CD for that purpose. Unfortunately, this laptop/tablet was extremely picky with bootable media. Even with Secure Boot disabled, I only managed to boot it from 32bit Windows 10 installation media. All other bootable recovery/diagnostics CDs and USBs I tried (both BIOS and UEFI) were failing to even appear on Acer F12 boot menu.

Luckily it's possible to wipe the hard drive from Windows 10 installation media.


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