Thumbs.db files prevent folder deletion from network shares


Cannot delete certain folders from a network share from Windows 10 Pro desktop. The folders cannot be deleted because they contain hidden Thumbs.db files which are locked by Windows Explorer (these files are used to speed up the display of image thumbnails in  Windows Explorer icon view). Following error message pops up when trying to delete affected folders.

File In Use

File In Use
The action can't be completed because the file is open in Windows Explorer
Close the file and try again.
Type: Data Base File

Can't access default admin share C$ - Access is denied


Cannot access default administrative share C$ on a Windows 10 PC from another Windows 10 PC in a Workgroup. When trying to access \\PC-Name\C$ Windows network credential prompt pops up, but after entering correct username and password, Access is denied message is displayed.

0962 can t access default admin share 1

Windows Security
Enter your credentials to connect to: <PC-Name>
Access is denied

Windows 10 login nag screen - Let's finish setting up your device

After setting up Windows 10 PC with a local user account, Microsoft keeps pushing to switch to Microsoft account by occasionally displaying below screen during login. There is no obvious way to permanently disable the offer. Continue button takes you to the Microsoft account setup screen. Remind me later only temporarily dismissed the screen.

Let's finish setting up your device

Let's finish setting up your device.
Your device needs to connect to a few more Microsoft services to help you work more easily and securely across all your devices. Select "Continue" to get started in just a few clicks.


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