All users who updated to the latest version of Microsoft Office (2310 build 16924) are having issues with the Invenias COM add-in. The Invenias simply fails to load in Outlook without any errors or warnings.

Microsoft Office 365 Outlook v2310


Invenias support confirmed that the issue was caused by Microsoft Office "improvements" to COM add-in functionality in v2310 that completely break certain add-ins.

Until Microsoft and/or Invenias find a proper solution to the issue, there are a couple of workarounds.

  • Disable and then re-enable the "Invenias Outlook Client" COM add-in in Outlook > File > Manage COM Add-ins (without closing the Add-ins Window). This allows you to load the Invenias plugin and work normally, however, you have to repeat this every time Outlook is restarted.

  • Another option is to downgrade MS Office to a slightly older version. I.e. Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel v2302.
    Microsoft Office 365 Outlook v2302

Update 09/11/2023

It seems that Microsoft resolved the issue. MS Outlook updated to build 16924.20124 once again loads COM add-ins with no issues.

MS Outlook build 16924.20124


October 2023
Windows 11 Home
MS Office 365 (v2310)
Invenias v10.0.8684

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