Google Photos doesn't show people album outside US

Google Photos

One of the coolest new Google Photos features is "Group similar faces", which automatically detects faces in photos and groups them in "people" albums. Unfortunately, this option at the moment is only available in the US. The good news is that there is quite simple workaround that lets you to enable "Group similar faces" wherever you are.

The trick is to fool Google Photos that you are connecting from United States. The best thing is that this only needs to be done once (to enable "Group similar faces" option). After this is done, the feature will work regardless of where you are connecting from.

Use Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with gloves

A while ago while introducing new Lumia handsets Nokia touted about its "Super Sensitive Touch" feature that allows to use a touch screen phone while wearing gloves (basically without directly touching the screen with your fingers).

Many people don't know this, but Samsung Galaxy devices also have option to increase screen sensitivity to make the screen work while wearing gloves. By default this option is disabled.

Facebook Android app pushes random notifications to remind about itself

Facebook logo

I'm not a  heavy Facebook user, but tend to check it on average few times a week. Facebook normally sends a push notification to your phone when somebody posts on your wall, comments on a photo you uploaded, or does something similar concerning yourself. This is all well and good and if I visit Facebook at least once a day, it all works as expected.


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