Samsung Galaxy S4 - DCIM Camera folder appears empty


When Samsung Galaxy S4 is connected to a Windows PC, DCIM\Camera folder appears to be empty. But when browsing on the actual phone with an Android File Manager (or via Gallery app) you can see that there are hundreds of images in that folder.

Keep Bluetooth tethering always enabled on Samsung Note 3

TomTom Go 500

I own a TomTom Go 500 SatNav that automatically pairs with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 over a Bluetooth for live traffic updates. For this to work, you must have Bluetooth and Bluetooth tethering options enabled on the phone.

How to turn old Android tablet into high-end picture frame

A little while ago I was looking for a 10'' - 12'' digital photo frame. Just couldn't find what I wanted. Even most expensive frames were old models with low quality, low resolution screens. I suppose not many people buy these things anymore so manufacturers just stopped bothering with them...

Then I had an idea - even few year old tablets would have much higher spec and better quality screens than these horrible photo frames. And there are no shortage of apps in Google Play store that could display full screen photo slideshows.

After few hours of eBay bidding I ended up with Samsung Tab 2 10.1 tablet. It was in great condition for around £100.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2


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