Prevent HTPC from muting sound when connected via HDMI


Media PC occasionally boots or resumes from a sleep mode with muted sound. Sometimes even when the PC is running sounds get muted if HDMI device (Denon AVR in this case) switches inputs or is powered on or off. There is no regular pattern when this happens, but it only occurs when the PC sound is transferred to the AVR via a HDMI cable.

Find Windows 10 Installation disk / ISO version

To find what version / build number of Windows 10 your installation media contains perform following steps:

Open Microsoft Visio Diagrams in separate Windows

By default Microsoft Visio 2010 opens diagrams in the same instance making it quite difficult to manipulate multiple diagrams at the same time. Follow below instructions to change this default behaviour and open each Visio diagram in it's own window / instance.

GeoSetter - The map can't be found...


GeoSetter 3.4 map view doesn't load and following message is displayed in the map view:

The Map can't be found at:
Please Fill In The Correct Path at Program Settings...
This problem can also be caused by the following reasons:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer is not installed properly
  • Security settings of Microsoft Internet Explorer prohibits executing active scripting
  • Proxy server (please adjust this also in the program settings)
  • Firewall which blocks GeoSetter accessing the internet


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