Windows Server 2012 - Domain network detected as Public


Windows Server 2012 connected to a local domain network reports network type as a "Public Network". This causes Windows Firewall to block some network services that are expected to work on a domain network (i.e. Remote Desktop).

Windows Server Network and Sharing Center

Use PowerShell to find out if user password expired

Here is a quick way to find out if user's password expired and some other useful password related information (when was the password last set, whether the password is set to never expire):

  • Open Windows PowerShell with Active Directory module.
    If you are doing this on a client machine, you will need to install Remote Server Administration Tools (link for Windows 7).
    To load Active Directory module in PowerShell, run import-module ActiveDirectory
  • Run: Get-ADUser -identity <> -properties PasswordLastSet, PasswordExpired, PasswordNeverExpires | ft Name, PasswordLastSet, PasswordExpired, PasswordNeverExpires
    Get-ADUser -identity

Receive email notification when WAN link on SonicWALL firewall goes down

SonicWALL Failover and Load Balancing features work pretty well. Actually so well, that you may end up with one of your WAN links being down without realising it for days! To prevent this, you can setup an email alert to notify you whenever a failover event occurs.

  • Go to Log > Automation
    • Enter your email address in "Send Alerts to E-mail Address:" field
    • In "Mail Server Settings" section enter details for your SMTP server
      SonicWALL Log > Automation


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