Find out if your domain SYSVOL replication is run by FRS or DFS-R

If you first domain controller within a domain was running Windows Server 2008 or later you should be using DFS-R (Distributed File System Replication). If you upgraded from Windows 2003 domain, there is a big chance that you are still using FRS (File Replication Service).

Allow remote server reboot without admin rights

If you want a non-admin user to be able to remotely reboot servers (with shutdown -m command), but don't have other admin rights, you can achieve this with a single group policy change.

If you want this to apply to a single server you can user local group policy, for multiple servers, use global domain group policy.

Prevent Exchange users from sending rich text format messages

Sending Rich Text Format (RTF) messages from MS Outlook to the outside world often results in recipients receiving winmail.dat attachments. I have previously written how to resolve this on the client side. If you are an Exchange server administrator you can prevent users from sending RTF messages via your Exchange server globally.


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