Renew MS Exchange Trusted Certificate

Here are steps I use to renew MS Exchange 2007 trusted Rapid SSL certificate:

  1. On the Exchange Server open IIS 7 Manager (Internet Information Services)  
    • Go to Server name > Server Certificates
    • In Actions panel click on Create Certificate Request
    • Fill all certificate request fields and save the request as request.txt file.

      Common Name: full webmail URL

      Cryptographic service provider: Microsoft RSA SChannel Cryptographic Provider
      Bit Length: 2048

Files disappearing from redirected folders in Windows 10 (DFS gone crazy)...

This was one of those head scratchers...

Decided to give Windows 10 a spin in business environment. Pretty standard setup - Windows Server 2008R2 domain, Windows 7 clients, users' Desktop, Document and Download folders redirected by Group Policy to a DFS share on a Windows Server 2012. Those redirected folders also have offline mode enabled.

Installed Windows 10 on one DELL machine and logged with a test account. To prevent clutter from previous projects being transferred, on a server created new empty structure for redirected folders.

Initially everything seemed OK - folders got redirected, all group policies applied correctly. Then I noticed something very unusual - whenever I create or copy any file to one of the redirected folders (Desktop, Documents, etc.), it immediately disappeared without any traces! Folders were unaffected.

Find out if your domain SYSVOL replication is run by FRS or DFS-R

If you first domain controller within a domain was running Windows Server 2008 or later you should be using DFS-R (Distributed File System Replication). If you upgraded from Windows 2003 domain, there is a big chance that you are still using FRS (File Replication Service).


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