.NET Framework 3.5 Feature Installation Fails - Source Files Could Not Be Found


Installing .NET Framework 3.5 Feature (via Roles and Features Wizard) on Windows Server 2012 fails with error:

Installation of one or more roles, role services, or features failed.
The source files could not be found. Try installing the roles, role services, or features again in a new Add Roles and Features Wizard session, and on the Confirmation page of the wizard, click "Specify an alternate source path" to specify a valid location of the source files that are required for the installation. The location must be accessible by the computer account of the destination server.

Send emails are not saved to Office 365 / Exchange shared mailbox sent items


Emails sent from a shared mailbox (users have full access and send as permissions) are saved only in user's sent items folder, but not in shared mailbox sent items.


Connect of Office 365 via PowerShell and run following command:

set-mailbox <mailbox name> -MessageCopyForSentAsEnabled $True

To check status of the MessageCopyForSentAsEnabled property:

Get-Mailbox Sharedmailbox1 | select MessageCopyForSentAsEnabled

Folder Redirection Fails. Event ID 502 - Access is denied


Applying folder redirection to Documents and other folders fails when Group Policy is trying to automatically create required folders. Following error is logged in Application Logs on client PCs:

Event ID: 502
Level: Error
Description: Failed to apply policy and redirect folder "Documents" to "\\Server-Name\Redirected\user.name\Documents". Redirection options=0x1021.
The following error occurred: "Can not create folder "\\Server-Name\Redirected\user.name\Documents"".
Error details: "Access is denied.".

As the error explains, this is permission issue. If user's folder on the server is created manually by an administrator everything works fine.


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