Cannot uninstall Sophos Management Server


Cannot uninstall Sophos Enterprise Console Management Server component. All others components were successfully removed, but Management Server refuses to go away. Uninstaller progresses almost all the way, but at the end it rolls itself back and Management Server stays installed along with bunch of Sophos services.

Sophos Management Server

Veritas DLO - Install Agents and Maintenance Services greyed out


Veritas Desktop and Laptop Option (DLO) backup utility has option "Install Agents and Maintenance Service on Remote Computers" greyed out.

Veritas DLO - Install Agents and Maintenance Service on Remote Computers


To resolve the issue right click on Veritas DLO Console shortcut and click on Run as Administrator. This only needs to be done once.

Veritas DLO - Run as Administrator

Veritas Desktop and Laptop Option 9.2
Windows Server 2008R2


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