Display Recipients of Exchange Dynamic Distribution Group

You can't expand and display Dynamic Exchange Distribution Group members in Outlook like you can with a normal Distribution Group.

The quick and easy Exchange PowerShell command to display Dynamic Distribution Group membership:

  • Get-Recipient -RecipientPreviewFilter (Get-DynamicDistributionGroup "Group Name").RecipientFilter

Unfortunately, if your Distribution Group utilizes Recipient Container parameter, the above command will not work properly as it doesn't respect Recipient Container and will display all recipients, regardless of their Organizational Unit.

Veritas Backup Exec Disk-based storage device keeps going into Read-only mode


Disk-based storage devices (network folders) in Veritas Backup Exec keep going into Read-only mode. To fix the issue, an administrator has to open storage device details page and set option Limit Backup Exec to read-only operations to No.
The issue comes back a few weeks later.

0960 veritas backup exec disk based 1


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