Xbox One controllers randomly disconnect

I had an issue on my own Xbox One where one or other controller would randomly disconnect and then reconnect few seconds later after pressing A button on the affected controller. After ruling out obvious issues (low batteries, wireless interference, re-pairing, updating firmware), I started looking into hardware.

Original Xbox One Controllers communicate using proprietary Wi-Fi Direct type of connection (newer models added Bluetooth for PC connection, but controller to console connection is still using Wi-Fi). Specific part that manages Xbox One wireless communications is shown below and can be easily find to buy online my searching Xbox One Wireless Board 1525.

Remove ads from Viber Desktop

Recently Viber started displaying ads in Windows Desktop version. I don't have issues with non-intrusive ads that don't interfere with user experience, but Viber ads cover a good part of contact panel and often are quite flashy images with questionable content (weight loss pills, Viagra, etc.)

Media Portal - No AAC sound watching live TV


No sound in Media Portal watching live UK Freesat and Freevew HD TV channels that stream AAC sound.


  • Download and install LAV audio filters
  • Open Media Portal Configuration
  • Go do Codecs and Renderer > TV Codecs 
  • Next to LATM AAC audio: select LAV Audio Decoder


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