Download Windows Media Streaming videos

Windows Media Streaming videos URLs normally begins with mms:// mmst:// http:// and ends with extensions: .asf or .wmv

Sometimes links on websites will link to a .asx or similar page witch automatically opens Windows Media Player. To find actual video file URL download .asx file to your desktop (right click on the link and click on Save Target as, Save Link as, or similar). Then open downloaded file in a text editor (notepad or similar). You should be able to easily spot link to actual file, which should look similar to: mms://

Once you have URL to the video file download and install free SPD Media Downloaded (for more info and latest versions check here)
Run SPD Downloader
Click Open and paste your video URL
Click GO and choose where to save file

If you are getting error similar to: > TTCP: socket connect failed: 10061 try changing protocol to HTTP:
Setup > Setup Options > Protocol - select HTTP (80)
Close and try again

Downloaded .asf or .vmw file should play without any issues with Windows Media Player and other most popular players.

Windows XP

Straighten Image in Gimp

  1. Click on the top (or left) ruler and drag it so it's next to you horizon line (or other similar object).
  2. Tools > Transform Tools > Rotate (or SHIFT+R).
  3. Turn image using your mouse, slider, or angle box in Rotate dialog.

  1. In the Toolbox:
    Set Interpolation to Cubic (best quality), or Linear (faster).
    Set Clipping to Crop with Aspect.
  2. Press Rotate.
  3. Image > Autocrop Image
  4. Image > Guides > Remove all Guides
Gimp 2.6.11

Download flash (.flv) video stream (rtmp) from Internet.

There could be many reasons why you want do download streaming video from the Web. Maybe your Internet connection is too slow and it keeps buffering, or you prefer to watch video offline on your laptop or smartphone. Make sure it is not illegal to download and save the videos from a particular website before you start.

There are plenty of free utilities and Firefox addons which allow to download flash videos from Youtube and and similar websites. There are enough tutorials online and I am not going to discuss this here.

Sometimes downloading flash videos can be more challenging and standard tools may not work, especially for flash video streamed over RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol).

First of all you can try Orbit Downloader. More info here. Be caution when installing this software. Although it does not seem to contain any viruses or spyware, it is an advertising supported product therefore it may try to install some additional third party software, change your browser home page, etc. It also contains some P2P modules and "Software Updater" which can be annoying and most of the time completely useless. Un-sellect all third party tools while installing it, after installation check settings to disable autostart and all unnecessary modules. Or just install it on a Virtual PC to be completely safe.
Orbit Downloader has couple of additional tricks which may work for you:
1. First try "Get IT" button which appears on a flash video when Orbit is installed.
2. Then try "Grabb++" (right click on Orbit icon is system tray and choose Grab++ to launch it). It must be running before you launch flash video.
3. Then try "GrabPro" to save video while it's streaming. GrabPro appears as a toolbar in Internet Explorer. There is a link to instruction on how to use it under Orbit Icon on the toolbar.


If none of this works you can try RTMPDump utility. More info here. It is a command line tool so not everyone will be comfortable using it. It is pretty powerfull too though and I using it had some good results, where all other utilities failed.

You don't need to install it. Just extract .zip file and run rtmpdump.exe in command prompt (CMD).
Run rtmpdump.exe --help to see all options.

To download videos using RTMPDump, first of all you need to find out URL of the video. Again, there are number of tools for this. One of them is a freeware URL Snooper. It seems to do the job most of the time however it failed to snoop some URLs for me. The best one from the bunch I tried was the same Gabb++ from Orbit Downloader (see above).

1. If your video URL looks somethinkg like this:
Try following:
rtmpdump.exe -r "rtmp://" -o "C:\video.flv"
This will try to download the video and save it as "video.flv" on your C drive.

2. If your URL looks like it is combined from multiple links, something like this:
You will need to extract and possibly combine your video URL from information in the full link. It could be trial and error method. For the example above the video link would be:
Again try the same:
rtmpdump.exe -r "rtmp://" -o "C:\video.flv"
to save the file on your C drive.

3. If this fails as well, you may need to provide RTMPDump with URL to the original flash player swf file.
You should be able to find link to the player in the same combined download URL. 
Let's take the same example:
Your swf player file link will be:
And actual video file as before is:
This time use command:
rtmpdump.exe -r "rtmp://" -o "C:\2011.03.22.flv" -W ""
Depending on Internet connection it may take couple of trials to successfully download your video.

Play TV shows recorded with Windows Media Centre on iPhone / Android

Got plenty or recorded TV shows on your Windows 7 Media Centre PC, but have no time to watch them? You can transfer them to your iPhone or Android smartphone and watch them at your free time.

  1. Open your Media Centre Recorded TV folder Windows Explorer. Default location is  C:\Users\Public\Recorded TV
  2. Right click on the required file with .wtv extension and click on "Convert to .drv-ms Format" This will create a copy of your file in .drv-ms format.
    If you can't see "Convert to .drv-ms Format" option make sure that you use Windows 7 OS and Windows Media Centre is set as the default application to open .wtv files.
  3. Download and install HandBrake. This is an open-source video transcoder. For more info and latest versions click here.
  4. Launch HandBrake. Select your new .drv-ms file as a source. Select "iPhone and iPhone Touch"  from Presets, choose destination and click "Start"
  5. HandBrake will output .mp4 file which will play in both iPhone and Android smartphones.
  6. Upload .mp4 file to iPhone via iTunes or to your Android smartphone using Windows Explorer.

Windows 7 Media Centre