Computer goes back to sleep after waking up (Intelliremote)



HTPC with Melloware Intelliremote software. After pressing a power button on a remote control, computer wakes up and after a few seconds goes back into a sleep mode.


Resolved by using sleep.exe instead of default sleep command. Simply map your remote's power button via Intelliremote to sleep.exe executable.

More info about sleep.exe can be found here.

Plex Media Center on-screen keyboard not working

Plex Media Center virtual keyboard

Plex Media Center has 10 foot interface and can be fully controlled with a remote. However, with some setups, on-screen virtual keyboard may not respond to arrow key presses on a remote making it impossible to enter any text without a keyboard.

Channels Missing on Windows Media Centre Freesat

Default TV Signal Setup often misses many channels available on UK freesat.

If only couple of channels are missing, you can use Single Transponder Scan to scan a particular transponder for your missing channel:
Tasks > Settings > TV > TV Signal > Satellite Transponder Scan > Single Transponder Scan

Provide transponder details for your channel and click Next. Media Centre will find and automatically add all channels available on this particular transponder.

Windows Media Centre - Satellite Transponder Scan

You can find transponder details for your missing channels online. For example, this Wikipedia article lists all 28°E free to view channels. All details you need are in frequency column.

Satellite details

Convert flac files to mp3 (free)


.flac (Free Lossless Audio Codec) is a lossless audio compression codec. It's a great format to backup your CDs without loosing any quality. A lot of PC audio players can play .flac files directly, but some portable MP3 players and smartphones often refuse to play .flac natively. In this case you may need to convert your audio files into a more popular format such as MP3.


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