Picasa hangs while manually adding people face tags

Picasa 3

Google Picasa started freezing while manually adding people face tags. Difficult to say when exactly it started as I wasn't using this feature for a while and Picasa by default updates automatically in the background. When I noticed the issue the version of Picasa was 3.9.137 (Built 81).

The freeze was not permanent, but I had to wait for a minute or so for the application to become responsive again. This made the manual face tagging not really practical. Task Manager wasn't showing any unusual system activity during the time when Picasa was "frozen".

Issues controlling Xbox One with Logitech Harmony

Xbox One and Logitech Harmony 900

Xbox One's ability to power-on and power-off your other devices (basically TV and AVR) is a cool idea but unfortunately it's not nearly as sophisticated as what Logitech Harmony remotes can do. For example, to switch on my Panasonic TV, a remote has to send power-on signal for a few seconds. While you can easily set this up on Harmony remotes, there is no ability to adjust this on Xbox One. Another, more universal issue is that while Xbox can power-on your devices, it can't change audio source on your AVR or input on the TV, which kind of defeats the whole point - you still have to find your other remote and change to correct inputs.

How to install Plex skins on Windows


Option 1

You can try Plex Skin Manager for Windows. If it works for you, that's the easiest way to install and manage Plex skins. In my experience, however, this application is not particularly stable, often crashes and on in some instances simply refuses to run.

Plex Skin Manager v1.32


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