Windows Store in-app purchase error - your purchase couldn't be completed


Can't complete an in-app purchase in Windows Store on a Windows 8.1 tablet. The in-app purchase was for Island Tribe game (to upgrade it to the full version).

After clicking buy and entering the password, following error would show up:

Your purchase couldn't be completed

Your purchase couldn't be completed
Please try again later.

Trying again later didn't really help... The whole thing was making a certain 6 year old quite upset, so a swift resolution was required!

Automatically split and straighten scanned photos

Gimp Logo

I recently had a task to scan large number of old photos using a flatbed scanner. Scanning photos one by one would be terribly inefficient as I could normally fit 4 - 5 photos on the scanner. Scanning multiple photos on one page was obviously much faster, but it left me with another task of cropping and straightening photos afterwards. Again, doing this manually would consume too much time so I looked for some sort of automated solution.

Picasa hangs while manually adding people face tags

Picasa 3

Google Picasa started freezing while manually adding people face tags. Difficult to say when exactly it started as I wasn't using this feature for a while and Picasa by default updates automatically in the background. When I noticed the issue the version of Picasa was 3.9.137 (Built 81).

The freeze was not permanent, but I had to wait for a minute or so for the application to become responsive again. This made the manual face tagging not really practical. Task Manager wasn't showing any unusual system activity during the time when Picasa was "frozen".


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