Move U-Play game to another hard drive

There are few different ways you can move installed games from one hard drive to another without having to re-download them. The method I used involves manually moving the game folder to a new location and then creating NTFS Directory Junction to trick U-Play into thinking the game is still in its old location. I used this to move U-Play game Assassin's Creed Syndicate, but the same method should work with Steam, Origin and other games.

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Combine individual media tracks into mp4 file

My MP4Box GUI is a tool I normally use to combine individual video and audio tracks (h264, aac, etc.) into a valid mp4 file. My MP4Box GUI is just a GUI wrapper for a free command line utility called MP4Box.

Usage is very simple - add all tracks into the main application window and click Mux button...

Extract individual tracks from .mkv file

mkvextract.exe is a command-line tool that is part of MKVToolNix. mkvextract v8.3.0 can be downloaded from here. It allows to extract subtitles, audio, and other type of tracks from .mkv files.

Syntax is pretty simple:

mkvextract.exe tracks "D:\video.mkv" 1:"D:\track-1.aac"

D:\vide.mkv - Source file
1 - Track number ID
D:\track-1.aac - Destination file

mkvextract manual can be found here.

If you prefer to work with graphical interface, you can download a GUI add-on from here:

How To Configure Media Portal TV Server

I have been Windows Media Centre user for many years. Since Microsoft have made it clear that they are abandoning WMC, I started looking into alternatives. At this point I use Plex as the main HTPC interface which works really well. Unfortunately, Plex doesn't have any PVR capabilities so it can't replace WMC on its own. For all PVR related stuff I currently use Media Portal. It works pretty well as well, except for the initial TV Server setup, which looks pretty unintuitive. 

Below is how I set up my Media Portal TV Server. I'm setting this up for UK FreeView and FreeSat tuners, but very similar process would apply to other regions. FreeView is Digital Terrestrial; FreeSat is Digital Satellite.

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