Power Settings - Sleep Button Action keeps reverting to default setting

I have a Media PC that needs to ignore power on/off commands sent by Logitech Harmony remote (Media Centre profile) when the PC is switched on. The idea behind it is that when the PC on, sending IR power command doesn't put it to sleep. But when the PC is off, IR power command will wake it up. Putting the PC to sleep is achieved by mapping a completely irrelevant IR command to run a simple .bat script that engages the sleep mode.

Normally this can be easily achieved by going into Power Options > Change Plan Settings > Change Advanced Power Settings > Power Buttons and Lid > Sleep Button Action and set it to Do nothing.

The problem with this is that the setting for some reason doesn't stick. Every now and then Sleep Button Action for no apparent reason reverts to Sleep...

Xbox One child account can't play Terraria multiplayer online


Xbox One child account cannot play Terraria in multiplayer/online mode. When starting the game, "Online" option is greyed out and cannot be selected. If the child tried to join his friend's game, the game starts but then immediately displays an error message "The game will end due to the Membership Content settings of one of the signed in profiles".

The child has Xbox privacy option "Join multiplayer games" set by his parent to "Allow" and other games work in multiplayer mode just fine.

Windows 10 - We can't connect to Microsoft family at the moment...


Changes made to Microsoft Family children accounts on https://account.microsoft.com/family are not applied to Windows 10 PC.
After logging in to the PC with a parent's account I found following message in Settings > Accounts > Family and other users.

We can't connect to Microsoft family at the moment, so your family on this device might not be up to date.

Move U-Play game to another hard drive

There are few different ways you can move installed games from one hard drive to another without having to re-download them. The method I used involves manually moving the game folder to a new location and then creating NTFS Directory Junction to trick U-Play into thinking the game is still in its old location. I used this to move U-Play game Assassin's Creed Syndicate, but the same method should work with Steam, Origin and other games.


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