Media Portal HTPC doesn't enter sleep on its own


A Windows 7 Media PC (HTPC) with Plex and Media Portal TV servers installed never enters sleep on its own. It can be put to sleep manually via Start Menu (if no TV is being recorded or streamed), but it never enters sleep automatically according to the Windows Power Plan sleep schedule.

Windows Power Plan Settings

Minecraft Bedrock Server - Unable to connect to world


Minecraft Bedrock server running on Windows 10 Pro PC started having issues accepting connections from remote computers. This didn't affect loopback connections from a local PC (after enabling the loopback exempt), but both, PCs on a local LAN network and remote clients connecting over WAN could no longer connect.

Minecraft - Unable to connect to world

Unable to connect to world

Edit iPhone slow-mo videos on a PC with Sony Movie Studio or DaVinci Resolve

I use Sony Movie Studio Platinium 14 and DaVinci Resolve 16 to edit videos. I recently tried to edit a slow-mo clip shot on iPhone XR and found that neither of these applications could properly open and display them. These videos were encoded with H.265 or HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) and shot at 240fps. This high frame rate is actually what makes them slow-mo. When played back at a normal frame rate or 30fps they appear as slow motion.

After doing a few tests with Windows software I could get my hand on (Handbrake, etc), I couldn't find anything that would allow to convert them into something editable in Movie Studio or Resolve.


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