Can't download any PDF files - Virus scan failed


Failed - Virus scan failed

Users on one particular PC cannot download any PDF files from the Internet. After the download is completed Google Chrome immediately shows error "Failed - Virus scan failed". Microsoft Edge shows error "<filename> contained a virus and was deleted". The same PDFs opened locally or from the network open fine, the issue only occurs when files are being downloaded using a web browser.


The PC had McAfee LifeSafe antivirus installed which seemed to be functioning fine. Malware scans using other scanners didn't show any issues either. Trying to disable McAfee on-access scanning didn't make any difference.

The issue was resolved by re-installing McAfee LifeSafe antivirus. It appeared that the installation was corrupted as the web scanning component (WebAdvisor by McAfee) could not be removed via a normal uninstaller. After completely removing all McAfee software using McAfee Consumer Product Removal tool (MCPR) and then re-installing LifeSafe again the issue was resolved.

March 2019
Windows 10 Home
McAfee LifeSafe


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