Windows 11 22H2 added a feature where a snap layout guide is shown when any window is dragged to the top of the screen.

Windows Snap Layouts

While this could be a useful feature for some, I find it just annoying and distracting. I almost never use snap layouts when working with multiple screens and much prefer for a window to go full screen when dragged to the top.



Luckily, it is very simple to disable this feature:

  • Go to Windows Settings > System > Multi-tasking
    Windows Settings > System > Multi-tasking

  • Expand Snap windows section and disable "Show snap layouts when I drag a window to the top of my screen"
    Show snap layouts when I drag a window to the top of my screen


If you leave the option "Show snap layouts when I hover over a window's maximise button" checked, you can still view the snap layout guide when you hover your mouse over a window maximise button

Windows Snap Layouts

March 2023
Windows 11 (22H2)

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