Force Applications to be re-installed by Group Policy

Group Policy Manager allows to re-deploy applications globally, but doesn't provide ability to do it for individual machines. This may be required if an application got corrupted, or somebody removed it using Add/Remove Programs on a client PC. That's right, removing program locally via Control Panel will not force re-installation via group policy.

Cannot change user's primary group - button "Set Primary Group" greyed out

All new domain users are automatically added to the "Domain Users" group. This group is also set as the primary group. If for any reason you need to remove an account from "Domain Users", you must first assign another primary group. Active directory simply won't allow you to remove user from its primary group:
The primary group cannot be removed. Set another group as primary if you want to remove this one

Windows 7 Libraries "some features are unavailable due to unsupported libraries locations. Click here to find more..."

If you use Group Policy to redirect one of the Windows 7 Libraries to a network location, your clients may get a message "some features are unavailable due to unsupported libraries locations. Click here to find more..." Message appears when you open any folder in the affected library.
some features are unavailable due to unsupported libraries locations
This would happen if following is true:
  • A Library redirected to a network location
  • Offline Files are not enabled for this Library on the client side.
  • Windows Search is not running on the server side

If you can't fix above issues you can get rid of this message by disabling Library features which depends file indexing. This is done via group policy:

User Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Explorer > Turn off Windows Libraries features that rely on indexed file data
Set this policy to Enabled.


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