1. Download the latest Java SE JRE offline installation file from Oracle. You need JRE (Java Runtime Environment) offline version (normally x86).
  2. Launch .exe but don't start installation.
  3. Navigate to:
    • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Sun\Java\jrex.x.x
    • Windows 7, 8, 10: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Sun\Java\jrex.x.x (Java 6, 7)
    • Windows 7, 8, 10: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Oracle\Java\jrex.x.x (Java 8)
  4. Save .msi and .cab (if exists) files to a folder on your desktop.
  5. Cancel installation.
  6. Optional  Customize installation
    Open .msi file in Orca, Transform > New Transform. Scroll down to "Property" table and customize as required:
    [IEXPLORER] {1}
    Selects the IE plugin (Doesn't exist in v8)
    [MOZILLA] {1}
    Selects the Netscape/Mozilla Firefox plugin (Doesn't exist in v8)
    [SYSTRAY] {0}
    Gets rid of the systray icon when Java is running. (Doesn't exist in v7 and later)
    To disable auto update:

    [JAVAUPDATE] {0}
    Turns off part of the JavaUpdate
    Turns off part of the JavaUpdate
    [JU] {0}
     Turns off part of the JavaUpdate (Doesn't exist in v8)
    Transform -> Generate Transform. Save the transformation .mst file to the same folder as msi and cab files.
  7. Deploy via Group Policy using advanced method and add generated transform file to the Modifications list.

Java 6.XX
Java 7.XX
Java 8.XX

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