Deploy Adobe Reader using Group Policy

Adobe Reader

  1. Obtain license to distribute Adobe Reader:
    1. Go to Adobe Reader download page and click on "Distribute Adobe Reader".
    2. Fill the form and wait for the confirmation email. This gives you permission to distribute Adobe Reader.
  2. Obtain Adobe Reader .msi file:
    1. Download latest .msi file from adobe ftp server
      Alternately (if Adobe FTP is offline, or your can't find latest .msi version):
      Download normal .exe versions and extract .msi from it::
      Run the .exe file from command prompt with -nos_ne switch. This will extract .msi and other files but won't start installation.
      Move extracted files to your desktop. Check following locations:
      C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Adobe (Windows XP)
      C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Adobe\Setup (Windows XP)
      C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Setup (Windows Vista / 7)

  3. Customize installation (optional):
    1. Download and install free Adobe Customization Wizard:
    2. Adobe Customization Wizard > Open Package > select your .msi file.
    3. Customise installation settings as required.
    4. File > Save Package. This creates Microsoft Transform (.mst) file in the same folder.
  4. Deploy .msi using group policy.
    If you want to use transformation (.mst) file created in step 3 select Advanced deployment method and add .mst file to the Modifications list.

Windows XP
Windows 7
Adobe Reader 9
Adobe Reader 10 (X)
Adobe Reader 11 (XI)
Adobe Reader DC
Adobe Reader 2017


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