Setup L2TP / IPSec VPN Server on SonicWALL Firewall

This tutorial is for setting up L2TP / IPSec VPN server on SonicWALL TZ300 with Firmware version 6.5. This should work for majority of other SonicWALL firewalls as well.

  • Switch to Classic Navigation Mode if not already in Classic Mode (hamburger icon in bottom left).
  • Go to VPN > Settings and Enable WAN GroupVPN.

    • Click Edit button next to WAN GroupVPN
      • General: Set Shared Secret
      • Advanced: Enable Accept Multiple Proposals for Clients.
      • All other settings can be left as they are.
  • Go to VPN > L2TP Server 
    • Check "Enable L2TP Server" and click Configure

      • L2TP Server:
        • Enter DNS Servers (normally your internal LAN DNS)
      • L2TP Users:
        • Select "Use the Local L2TP IP pool" and enter IP Address range to be issued to VPN clients (this doesn't need to be within your internal LAN subnet).
        • User group for L2TP users: select Trusted Users
  • Go to Users > Local Users & Groups > Add User...
    • Settings: enter Name and Password for your VPN user.
    • Group: Everyone and Trusted Users.
    • VPN Access: LAN Subnets

That should be it. You can now login from any L2TP / IPSec supporting client.



I noticed that Windows 10 VPN clients seemingly takes long time to connect to SonicWALL L2TP Server. It stays on "Completing the connection" stage for 20-30 seconds.

In practice this doesn't seem to affect functionality though - VPN connection is actually established very quickly (2-3 seconds). So you can just ignore "Completing the connection" status and start connecting to internal resources straight away.


April 2018
SonicWALL TZ300

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