Add second VLAN on Netgear GD724T Switch

This simple setup allows to split one Netgear GD724T 24 port switch into two 12 port VLANs so that it can serve 2 independent network segments / subsets.

  • Login to the Netgear switch management web interface.
  • Go to Switching > VLAN > Basic > VLAN Configuration
    • Create a new VLAN with Name and ID of your choice (i.e. Name: LAN-2 ID: 10).
    • Go to Switching > VLAN > Advanced > VLAN Membership

      • Leave VLAN ID set to 1 (Default) and clear ports 13-24 (which you will assign to the new VLAN) from U and T tags. Apply changes.
      • Change VLAN ID to 10 and set ports 13-24 as U (untagged).
    • Go to Switching > VLAN > Advanced > Port PVID Configuration
      • Set ports 13-24 with PVID of 10 (your new VLAN ID)


April 2018
Netgear GS724T


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