Joomla - Infinite loop detected in JError

Infinite loop detected in JError error very often occurs after moving Joomla website to another hosting company or another server.

Issue is normally caused by incorrect database or path settings in configuration.php file

Open your configuration.php (it is located on your Joomla root folder) and double check settings, especially following lines:
public $host
public $user
public $password
public $db
public $dbprefix
public $log_path
public $tmp_path

If you still can't the problem you can try enabling error debugging:

  • Open libraries/joomla/error/error.php
  • Around line 169 you should find following code: //     echo debug_print_backtrace();
  • Replace this line with following code:
    echo debug_print_backtrace();

Now Joomla will output detailed debug information which should help you to find out what exactly is casing the error.
When finished, make sure you revert the changes.

Joomla 1.7


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