All non-admin users within the company cannot see images on the main internal company's SharePoint Intranet site. All they see are placeholder images.

Placeholder Image




After a short investigation, I found that the images in question were located inside SiteAssets sub-folder / library. Although all users had read-only access to the SharePoint site itself, only admins had any permissions set on the SiteAssets. Adding "Everyone except external users" group with Read permission level, resolved the issue.

1057 users can t see images 2

It was a bit of a headscratcher how to get to the permissions admin page for the SiteAssets library. Going to the library URL: then Settings > Site Permissions > Advanced permission settings was loading the permissions admin page for the main SharePoint site, not the SiteAssets library.

After a bit of back and forth, I found the following way to get there:

  • Go to the main SharePoint site
  • Click on Gear Icon (top right) > Site contents.
    SharePoint > Site Contents

  • Click on three dots next to Site Assets folder > Settings.
    SharePoint > Site Assets > Settings

  • Click on Permissions for this document library.
    SharePoint > Permissions for this document library

  • Click Grant Permissions, add "Everyone except external users" with Read permission level, and click Share.
    SharePoint Library > Grant Permissions


March 2023
Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft SharePoint

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