Installing BMW Alpine Stereo upgrade (BMW 3 series E90) - Loosen front seats

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Loosen front seats

There is no need to completely remove front seats and you should not disconnect any wires under the seats.

First remove 2 x 50'' torx screws at the front.

Loosen front seat


Then remove another 2 x 50'' torx screws at the back of the front seat.

Loosen front seat


Now, simply recline the released seat backwards taking care not to stretch any under-seat cables. Also check where back of the sear rests to avoid scratches from metal rear seat catchers.

Recline front seats


Repeat for the other seat.


# jimborae 2015-04-23 09:29
Many thanks for this guide and the helpful tip contained within it. Found it invaluable when I was installing my Alpine upgrade, especially the part about the mis-labeling on the crossovers.
# Tich 2015-02-08 18:44
Nice DIY! love it..


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