Telnet WOL for DrayTek Vigor

Telnet WOL is specifically designed for DrayTek Vigor Routers that support WOL UP command which in turn sends a "Magic Packet" to the specified MAC address. Your Vigor router must have Telnet server enabled, and the device you are waking up must support WOL and if necessary have it enabled in BIOS.

Normally, to wake up a device via WOL UP command, you would have

  • Connect to the router via some sort of Telnet client (over port 23).
  • Enter router's username and password
  • Send WOL UP <MAC ADDRESS> command

On a PC this can be automated one way or another, but if all you have is your smartphone this can be pretty time consuming process. This is the main reason I created this app. Enter you devices once and then wake them up with a single tap as you would with any other WOL app. Instead of simply sending "Magic Packet" directly, Telnet WOL will login to the router and issue WOL UP commend.

Download "Telnet WOL" from Google Play Store

Required Android version: 4.0 and up.

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