There are two versions of Outlook for Mac. In fact, they are completely separate applications. The new one is still missing some features that are present in the old / legacy version. Import and Export options are two of these missing features. 

Outlook for Mac > Import / Export

In order to use these features, for now, you have to switch to the old / legacy version of Outlook for Mac:

  • Click on Outlook in the menu bar and uncheck "New Outlook" option.

  • Click Revert to confirm your choice.
    Outlook for Mac > Revert to Legacy Version

  • Outlook will shut down and re-launch the legacy version which has functioning Import and Export options. Because this is a completely separate app, you may need to add your email account and re-download all emails before you can export them.

September 2023
Microsoft Outlook for Mac (v16.77)
macOS 13.4 (Ventura)

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