Add Netgear ReadyNAS share as VMware ESXi datastore

This article explains how to add a Netgear ReadyNAS Business Pro share to a VMware ESXi host as an NFS (Network File System) datastore. Although I'm using Netgear RadyNAS in this example, similar process would apply to any other NFS compatible NAS device.

Change MySQL root password

To change MySQL root password login to the server console and run following command:

mysqladmin -u root -p  password 'new-password'

You will be prompted for your old password and new password will be set to newpass.

Trixbox Asterisk - Forward extension via web admin GUI

TrixBox Asterisk

To forward extension on Trixbox Asterisk server:

  • Login to admin web GUI
  • PBX > PBX Settings > Extension > [extension]
  • Under Device Options change value of field dial
    • To forward to an extension on the same VOIP server:
      Where: 601 - extension you are forwarding to
    • To forward to an extension to another outgoing trunk:
      Where: IAX2/Boston - trunk name; 601 - extension you are forwarding to

Trixbox v2.6.2.2

Cannot dial-in into conference via IVR (Trixbox Asterisk)

If you use IVR (Interactive voice response) on your Asterisk / Trixbox setup, Enable Direct Dial option allows callers to directly dial extensions.

Trixbox Digital Receptionist

By default it doesn't allow to dial-in into conferences. If you try you will get response similar to:
"That option is invalid. Please try again"


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