Lifecycle Controller - The updates you are tying to apply are not Dell-authorized updates

Unified Server Configuration / Lifecycle Controller is one of the best, OS independent ways to update DELL server BIOS and firmware of various integrated components. To boot into Unified Server Configuration press F10 (System Services) during system start-up. Then, to initiate the Update module, go to Platform Update > Launch Platform Update > FTP Server. No need to enter any login credentials, address is

By default system will try get IP configuration details from your DHCP server. I DHCP server is not available, you can enter IP details manually by going into USC Settings > Network Settings

VMware ESXi Datastore doesn't mount automatically after reboot


VMware ESXi 5.5.0 datastore does not mount automatically after VM host server is rebooted. You can obviously manually add the datastore, but this doesn't resolve the main issue, which is that all VMs hosted on that datastore go offline if VM host is restarted or recovers from a power cut.

VMware ESXi - enlarge virtual disk

Increasing size of a virtual disk in VMware ESXi is pretty simple process.

  • Open VMware ESXi vSphere Client
  • Right click on the virtual machine that holds the disk in question and select "Edit Settings"
  • Select the Hard Disk in question and change "Provisioned Size" to the required size
    Mware ESXi Virtual Machine Properties
  • Click OK

Sendmail won't send emails on CentOS 7 (Permission denied)


Apache on CentOS 7 can't send emails via Sendmail. Website front-end displays following error:

Could not execute: /usr/sbin/sendmail

/var/log/maillog file shows following error:

sendmail[2450]: NOQUEUE: SYSERR(apache): /etc/mail/ line 0: cannot open: Permission denied


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