Joomla 3 (Tiny MCE) images displayed without borders

After upgrading to Joomla 3, images in articles on some of my websites started being displayed without borders even when I specified 1px border Tiny MCE editor's image dialog.

Tiny MCE image dialog

Note: code border-width: 1px; in Style field is added automatically by Tiny MCE after entering 1 in the Border field.

One way to resolve this would be manually adding border-style: solid; in the Style field, after border-width: 1px; 

Tiny MCE image dialog

This works, but it's time consuming and very easy to forget. What I ended-up doing was adding following code to the template's CSS stylesheet:

img {
border-style: solid;

This restored functionality to display images with border by simply entering 1 in the Border field.


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