Backup Exec Server 16 (V-Ray Edition), running on Windows Server 2008R2 logs following warning after backing up Windows Server 2016 Domain Controller:

V-79-57344-38747 - Backup Exec was unable to prepare Microsoft Active Directory resources for Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) operations. Therefore you will be unable to perform GRT-enabled restores of Microsoft Active Directory data from this backup.


This behaviour is by design, Backup Exec cannot complete Granular Recovery part of Active Directory backup is Backup Exec server is running on older version of Windows Server (in this case 2008R2) than backup target (in this case 2016).

To prevent this warning from appearing in backup logs either disable Granular Recovery Technology from backup options, or install Backup Exec Server on Windows version that matches backup target.

March 2018
Backup Exec Server 16 (V-Ray Edition)
Windows Server 2008R2
Windows Server 2016

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