Got plenty or recorded TV shows on your Windows 7 Media Centre PC, but have no time to watch them? You can transfer them to your iPhone or Android smartphone and watch them at your free time.

  1. Open your Media Centre Recorded TV folder Windows Explorer. Default location is  C:\Users\Public\Recorded TV
  2. Right click on the required file with .wtv extension and click on "Convert to .drv-ms Format" This will create a copy of your file in .drv-ms format.
    If you can't see "Convert to .drv-ms Format" option make sure that you use Windows 7 OS and Windows Media Centre is set as the default application to open .wtv files.
  3. Download and install HandBrake. This is an open-source video transcoder. For more info and latest versions click here.
  4. Launch HandBrake. Select your new .drv-ms file as a source. Select "iPhone and iPhone Touch"  from Presets, choose destination and click "Start"
  5. HandBrake will output .mp4 file which will play in both iPhone and Android smartphones.
  6. Upload .mp4 file to iPhone via iTunes or to your Android smartphone using Windows Explorer.

Windows 7 Media Centre

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